The relevance of the United Kingdom in all spheres of the world’s happenings cannot be overstated. The UK is a major player in matters of economy, diplomacy, culture, education, and any other fields that you may think of. Due to its diverse offerings, the country is a ‘friend’ of most nations across the world. These countries often establish embassies in the UK to cement relations between themselves and the host nation.

That said, many people in the UK do not understand the major functions of existing embassies. This site is created to help such people have smooth and gainful interactions with their embassies.

Insider Information About Foreign Embassies in the UK

To understand how your embassy can serve, you first need to understand the establishment itself. This site names the various major embassies that are present in the UK. It gives addresses to these embassies, how you can contact them and procedures to follow when you want to visit them. In addition to this, the website talks about foreign embassies in the following areas.


The site discusses various ambassadors who have represented different countries in the UK, both past and present. There have been numerous people taking these roles over the years. This makes it difficult to mention all of them in one article. The site, thus, begins with those who have been remarkable in the areas of education, public service, and culture. It also touches on current serving ambassadors. This list will expand with time.

Services and Assistance

How can your embassy be of help to you? This question is answered under this section. It highlights the various services you can access from embassies, which include passport renewals and legal assistance.


Embassies run programs in their host countries which are meant to cement ties between the two nations. Such programs are also meant to market the cultures of their home countries and give their hosted citizens a chance to feel at home. This site discusses some of these programs and cultural festivals that you may want to sample.

Besides the above information, the site also seeks to help people who are moving into a new country to acclimate. For instance, there is an article on behavioural changes that may occur in children when they move abroad. Such information can be calming for a parent who may otherwise get worried when a child starts behaving differently after migrating.

Tips like where to meet up with fellow countrymen, how to behave around neighbours, etc. can also come in handy.

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