Current Foreign Diplomats in Different Embassies in the UK

Nations have diplomats deployed in various countries to help maintain a good relationship between themselves. The UK is one of the most powerful nations in the world.

A country sends their best diplomats to the UK to help maintain a healthy and beneficial relationship. The diplomats drive their nations’ agenda in culture, education, and service to their hosted citizens.

Some current foreign diplomats in different embassies in the UK have particularly stood out in these three areas; public service, education and driving their culture. Here are a few of them.

Yael Lempert

Her Excellency, Yael Lempert, became the United States ambassador to the UK on January 20, 2021. Her role is among the most prestigious positions in the Foreign Service of the United States. She previously acted as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for North Africa and Egypt. In addition, she has had tremendous success in negotiations between the US and other countries such as Israel.

Andrey Kelin

The Honourable Andrey Kelin has been in office since November 5, 2019. He has worked in various diplomatic roles since the 70s. His work in diplomatic roles has led him to win several awards including the Order of Friendship and the Order of Honour.

Zheng Zeguang

The Chinese diplomat to the UK has served the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than three decades. The diplomat previously worked as a Chinese ambassador to the United States and Trinidad and Tobago. Zheng Zeguang was appointed as the Chinese ambassador to the UK early in 2021 after Liu Xiaoming finished his term.

Raffaele Trombetta

His Excellency Raffaele Trombetta has served in the Italian Foreign Ministry for over three decades. The 61 years old diplomat became the Italian ambassador to the UK on January 29, 2018. He has worked in Italy’s diplomatic service as a deputy head of mission, Deputy Director-General for the European Union, Central Director for European Integration, and as an ambassador to Brazil.

These honourable people have made a huge difference in keeping good relationships between their home countries and the UK.