Resources and Reading

For the best interaction with foreign embassies in the UK, you need to understand them well. You will need to know where they are, who oversees them, what services they offer, the access procedure and when they are open; these and many more.

The primary goal of this site is to provide you with such information. We dig deep to bring you as much information as possible about embassies in the UK. However, given there is no monopoly of knowledge, we also seek to direct you the best resources that we come across.

The said resources are great in educating yourself about the following topics regarding foreign embassies: Ambassadors, both past and present, education and culture, programs that are offered by embassies, co-operation between embassies and the UK (host country), and public services that embassies offer.

From our search, here are some credible resources you can use to gain knowledge on these subjects.

Embassy Websites

Most foreign embassies in the UK have websites meant to help them serve their citizens. Normally, the address for your embassy ends with .gov. For instance, the US embassy website address would be Embassy websites contain most of the information mentioned above, although specific content varies from one website to another.

The UK Home, Foreign & Commonwealth Offices

You should not confine yourself to your country’s embassy for information. The home office is very helpful in helping foreign nationals to settle in. The Foreign office maintains a database of relations with other embassies and can help you to access your embassy or other embassies that you may need to contact.


While it is not the most scholarly source, Wikipedia is a goldmine for basic knowledge. It is easy to find and explains issues in a simple manner. The rarely read bottom part of Wiki articles provides important links that can guide you to excellent information resources.

This website can offer you almost as much as the home and foreign offices without having to make a physical trip. The site contains a lot of credible information about the UK and other embassies found in the country.

All these resources are very responsive and regularly updated. You can use them to educate yourself even when you don’t have an immediate need from any embassy. And seek opportunities too!